I see you trying to heal. I’m rooting for you.
Don’t quit.
-Natalie St Aubyn

How I Can Help:



I have a private practice in Midtown Manhattan. I work with a lot of clients who would say, “ Everyone thinks I have my shit together, and believe me, I don’t! A lot of us present well to others, but inside we are struggling quietly.

These days with social media every ones life looking amazing with at least  5 passions although that is artificial, high work demands, family pressures, and relationships, it is hard not to feel like you are an imposter. 

With expertise in treating Anxiety, Depression, Bi-polar, Relationship issues, I have developed a specialized niche in working with individuals with these often co-occurring challenges. Using Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Mindfulness strategies I will help you develop an action plan to move forward reducing feelings of isolation and having a meaningful successful life. 

Life Coaching

Did you recently move and are having a hard time adjusting? Do you feel like you lack meaningful relationships with people that you care about? Are you having trouble moving forward after a breakup or a loss? Are you feeling a lack of passion in life? Have you noticed that your shopping is out of control and is having negative consequences in your life? Are you having trouble finding a career that you are passionate about?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then life coaching is for you. Coaching benefits clients who are not looking to work on trauma, but are looking to feel in control of their lives.

If you feel you are not living your best life, find yourself hardly every saying “NO” to others and “Yes” to yourself, then contact me so we can set up an individualized coaching plan to start living a happy and stressful life.


Telehealth sessions are now the modern therapy wave as many of us have such busy lives, that we are just trying to keep up! I started to conduct an online practice in addition to my office once I realized that many client’s have demanding jobs and traveling schedules.

It is important to find ways to keep our mental health a priority. Being “Too Busy” is not an option, contact me today for telehealth psychotherapy or Life/Relationship coaching. 

Relationship Coaching

Anything worth keeping is hard work.

Solution-Focused Counseling: Learn effective communication, conflict resolution & interpersonal skills to rebuild your relationships. Work through infidelity, divorce, fighting, and family issues.

I approach all clients with a goal-oriented style that teaches you and your family skills & techniques to help live the life you want.

Meet Monique

Hi, my name is Monique. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY so I would say that I am definitely a modern city girl. I am a contemporary therapist who believes in a judgement free zone.

We have enough judgment in our lives, this is the one place it does not exist. I bring warmth, sensitivity & a strong sense of humor. I am deeply invested in my client’s progress and I take the time to highlight and build upon one’s strengths. 

My purpose is to support you unconditionally, teach you coping skills on how to control your anxiety, stress, and sadness all on your own to feel happiness. I am passionate about the work that my client’s and I do together. I help individuals develop insight into their interpersonal patterns and internal conflicts.

I bring a solution focused and CBT approach. The main focus in my therapy is to build measurable, actionable change in your life. We do that by identifying the negative thoughts that are maintaining your unhealthy cyclical behaviors.

In other words, undo ‘bad’ habits and create new habits that bring you positive responses, healthier relationships, and improved moods. My ultimate goal is to learn these techniques together so that you can maintain your improved lifestyle on your own as soon as possible.  

What My Clients Have Said

“Her honesty, empathy, and sense of humor are refreshing. She gives her unbiased opinion and doesn’t hold back, which is exactly what I need. She doesn’t just listen and nod, or simply say, “Tell me more.” She calls me out when I’m wrong, and she helps me be a better person”

“I immediately felt comfortable from the beginning of our sessions due to Monique’s warm, friendly, and funny personality. She encouraged me to speak freely and come to my own conclusions, but also challenged and pushed me when necessary. She is passionate about her field and very invested in her clients. Highly recommend.”

“Monique is a fantastic therapist and life coach! She has given me so many effective tools, including bibliotherapy, and I am so grateful for her flexibility. Traveling as much as I do, I don’t think my mental health would be optimal if it weren’t for our virtual sessions. Our rapport is incredible – she knows when to push me and when to level off, but she is always respectful and always engaged. Thank you for all your help Monique!”

“I have been working with Monique for over a year and the differences she has helped me make in my life are immeasurable. Monique is kind and understanding and provides valuable methods for assessesing and coping with difficult situations. She takes the time to deeply get to know her patients and even checks in outside of our session to make sure things are ok. I highly recommend her!”

“I immediately felt a sense of comfort when I first met Monique.. She has totally changed my life. She encourages me to set goals, and helps me stay on track of them. She is a very honest, warm, and understanding person. It’s very hard to find a person that just “fits” Monique and I just “fit”. Would highly recommend her.”

“Monique is an amazing individual who goes above and beyond to help you. She is a wise, generous, sympathetic and respectful person. She is able to understand different cultural sensitivities and help you develop a realistic path to attain your goals. Monique is more than 5 stars!”